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Why We Love Design & Business Trends (And You Should, Too!)

Nowadays, visitors to the websites are quite sophisticated, highly demanding and savvy. With that, a quality web design is substantially important to make that great first impression. Several studies have depicted that individuals visiting a website can make their judgement regarding the site’s credibility in just 50 milliseconds. And what is more startling is that 20 % of the visitors unimpressed by a website, click away from it and possibly never return on it in future. So, the focus is on business trends and here it is.

Undoubtedly, the most effective way of spiking the interest of the visitors is designing with the help of top latest design trends. Taking your audience aback within a few initial seconds is significant to building brand awareness and generating high conversion rates. Hence, it becomes a need of the hour to adopt current website design and SEO trends.

Now that you know the necessity of keeping up with the top latest design trends, you might be interested in knowing about what are the current trends in SEO and web designing. Well, we are here to offer a wise solution.

While the internet is constantly changing and moving towards new trends and technologies, you as a business owner or a website manager or marketer need to constantly monitor the varying website design and SEO trends.

Some points that may help you:

Ignoring the ever changing digital trends simply cannot be afforded. Hence, with extensive research and study, here we have compiled a list of noteworthy website design and SEO trends that would be dominating this year. To make your web identity fall in line, you need to follow these trends.

  • Give voice to the chatbots

The present year has set a new trend where people have discovered yet another way to communicate with the machines. It is to communicate more with the help of chatbots. Everybody nowadays knows about chatbots. You might have certainly used or seen it appear on a site, asking for any type of assistance as a pop-up.

Businesses that are willing to offer on-the-spot assistance are now embracing chatbots and have commenced utilizing them on their apps, websites and social media profiles.

  • Voice search optimization

People have now started speaking their searches more and more into their smart devices. If you are planning strategies to keep up with the top latest design trends, then you must include some plans that would optimize your content for the voice searches. Businesses need to understand how people use smart home devices (such as Google Home and Alexa) and virtual assistants (such as Cortana and Siri) and then accordingly they can optimize their SEO strategies. It means you need to focus on –

  • targeting long tail keywords,
  • centering you focus on the natural language
  • keeping in mind search intent


  • Show your site security

Certainly, site security is not among the current SEO trends. Offering stronger security for your site has always been an important aspect for the webmasters. Yet, in the current scenario the show off of such security will get more important. Sites not having SSL certificates might offer bad user experience and may even grade lower in the search results.

Hence, if you want to create a trustworthy online presence for your business, you need to tag along with this SEO trend too.

  • Generate a mobile friendly experience

This has been a continuing trend from the past many decades and will even continue to be. According to a study- 57 percent of the search traffic arises from tablet and mobile searches. Businesses need to perform website optimization with priority on mobile experiences. Hence, you need to focus on the responsive web design, speed of the site, readability and the navigation structure.

A piece of advice for the small enterprises

Not only do the giant organizations, but small businesses also need to keep up with the top latest design trends because more and more people are swooning over the internet and hence, businesses need to update their sites for accommodating growing preferences of the audiences. In the present digital economy, it has become quite essential to maintain a good website for the small enterprises too. With the changing trends, the needs of the clients are also changing. While large corporate prefer sites that has more stuffy layouts, smaller concerns must focus on a more personalized approach. By embracing certain web design trends for small enterprise, you can maintain a good ranking on the search engines and get visitors clinched to your website.  Some of them are:

  • Using minimalist design patterns
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Organic structure of the content
  • Grid layouts
  • Larger size of the font
  • Utilizing chatbots etc.

Apart from tagging along with the current trends in SEO and web designing, businesses, be it small or large- need to focus on the top running mobile app design and user interface design too.

There are millions of mobile apps available today, yet unfortunately most of the apps are not used much. The mobile application design is among the most substantial deciding factor that people will use the app or not. Design of an app has a visual element which is undoubtedly influenced by the fads and trends. Also, the trends in mobile apps are quite diverse from the web design, logo etc. Of course, personalization is the most substantial trend and is going to stay until the last time. A mobile app is also not just about functionality and features, thus it also needs to lay good emphasis on its content. Clarity and minimalism are in vogue while over dramatic designs are leading their way out.

Each year, new trends emerge in the user interface design too. The world of UI design and web is moving swiftly and it becomes quite grinding to stay updated with this ever changing trend scenario. We can execute things like long form content, vivid colors, illustrations, full-screen videos, typography etc. to stay updated.

Final words!

Trends are of diverse natures in which some enter into the market and remain forever while some leave very quickly. Not all predictions and trends discussed here or found on the other platforms are always relevant to your business or project. Henceforth, as a designer, it absolutely comes down to your prudence to settle on what is good for you and what is not.

Yet, it could not be ignored that change will continue and it is extremely crucial to keep up the pace with with what all is happening. Designing is an ever altering landscape that needs persistent innovation and learning. And hence, to enhance your business and make it more powerful, try to stay with the top latest business trends whether you need to work on a Mobile App design, web design or something else.