Mobile app development is essential for your success. Read this to find out why!

Mobile app development is essential for your success. Read this to find out why!

In the past few years, we’ve seen tremendous increment in the mobile users around the world. With the introduction of smartphones in the market at highly affordable prices, the scenario has triggered their utilization. We have also encountered a major change in the traditional ways we were accessing the internet those days. Today world has a very fast pace, smartphones are just not used for calling or playing games. With the help of smartphones, we can schedule a meeting, make conference calls, check emails and can connect to social media.  Mobile application development plays a vital role in these activities as we can only achieve them with the help of mobile applications.

Throwing some light on the stats related to mobile app usage!

In the past few years mobile application development has become a flourishing industry.

As more and more people are indulged in internet activities nowadays, henceforth the usage of enterprise mobile applications has also gained a lot of pace.

  • According to a survey conducted by Apple in 2013, around 1.25 million applications were registered in the “App Store” accounted for 50 billion downloads, and that’s a huge number. As per the reports submitted by Google play store, approximately 2500 new applications are registered on the Play store daily. That means 100 per hour.

With the increasing demands of the mobile app users, mobile app developers are constantly re-developing the previous apps in order to satisfy the constantly changing demands of their clientele.

It has been proved that 50% of the mobile app developers spend their time in changing or designing the original app design because of the pre-built inferior nature of the drafted app design. So, a good application saves both time and money.

The biggest consequence of a sub-standard app design is loss in business, because customers are a bit choosy nowadays. There are various iOS and android app development companies which are providing mobile application solutions to these problems.

Read on to find out the basics of mobile app development before we head to the other segments in mobile software solutions!

 Mobile apps development is just like Web application development as both are grounded in a more typical software development. One considerable difference is that mobile apps are usually programmed to take advantage of exclusive features a particular mobile device offers. For example, a gaming application can be programmed to take advantage on the “Android” platform. Several types of tools are used in the process of mobile app development that comprises of front-end, back-end, security add-on layers and mobile app testing. Each operating system has unique mobile app development platform like “Android app development “and “iOS app development”.

As more people are connected to internet via smartphones and tablets, mobile applications have the tremendous ability to access large number of potential customers. From ordering a “pizza” to buying a “home”, these are beneficial for both business owners and the end users. Hence, business growth is totally dependent on mobile app development these days. In order to survive, the mobile marketing companies should definitely focus on this strategy.

The need of an extraordinary mobile app development:

Enterprise mobile applications are revolutionizing the way millions of people work, live and conduct their business. A good mobile application design and development plays a vital role in the overall performance of the mobile app. Top apps development companies are working in this field constantly to improve the quality of mobile applications.

Several app development companies are working on android apps, windows phone apps and iPhone app development, as the customers prefer these operating systems the most. In this smartphone world, just having an app is not enough.

According to a survey nearly 45% of the Google searches are made from mobile phones. That’s a whopping figure! Therefore, a simple mobile application will not stand against strategically built mobile apps by giant firms. The need of extraordinary mobile enterprise solution will help you to develop applications irrespective of the operating system.  The functionality of an app is also dependent on its development, so mobile app development is the core one should totally concentrate upon.

Tiara Tech is one of the emerging web development companies setting up new goals. With a customer-centric architecture, Tiara Tech delivers high quality Android, iPhone and iPad apps servicing to both enterprise and startup clients. Apart from developing Android and IOS apps, Tiara Tech also helps its associates with outstanding enterprise mobile application maintenance and support services at all levels to embellish the app stability. Choosing the right app development company will help your business to grow quickly and Tiara could be an ideal choice in this regard. This renowned company also offers web application development solutions apart from mobile phone solutions.

How to begin with mobile app development:

For the success of an application, a marvelous plan is required by any mobile application development company.  As an initial step, make a note of all the stuff that is needed in the development of an app. Indian app developers should first finalize which type of app their customers are looking for. Large scale businesses develop both Android and iPad apps to target both the users. As 80% of the total population uses these operating systems, developing both apps will be totally beneficial for your business.

Yet, when as an app creator, you are facing dilemma of which platform to choose- android or iOS, then you must emphasize on two crucial points before making your ideal decision.

  1. Your technical capabilities
  2. Type of the business model you are working on

Essential for business growth!

Smartphones and tablets users are perpetually on the go, so they do not always have extra time waiting for the mobile application to load completely. A platform that does not require enough time to load will grab the attention instantly, as compared to one slowly loading up. Numerous app creators are continuously working to improve the loading time of a mobile application. A good developed mobile application will not lag and will also have minimal loading time. Top apps development companies and organizations are deploying various chatbots based mobile applications for taking orders through apps. If the chatbot replies late or is not understanding the user’s concern, then the business is affected vigorously.  So, a good mobile application is directly proportional to the business growth.

Here we have highlighted some points which depict the vitality of mobile development in business concerns:

  • Develop a direct channel of marketing: Mobile apps serve many features like products prices, booking forms, user accounts, news feed, messenger and others. One of the major benefits of mobile applications includes all the information you need to provide to your customers including special promotion and sales offers right at their fingertips. With the help of push-notifications you get even closer to a direct interaction with the customer and can easily notify them about your products and services in a sensible way.
  • Build brand and recognition: A mobile application for your business will immensely contribute to your brand awareness. In a simpler way, we can say that this combination will make your application a true winner.

Brand: A mobile application is just like a blank billboard sign, you can do what you want with it. You can make it stylish, functional and informative at the same time. The main thing is creating an application that is very well functioning as well as loved by your customers. A mobile application development company assists for the same.