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Beyond Compare

Not all global outsourcing companies are created equal. Here’s why Tiara is considered the best in the BPO industry:

  • Extensive Services: SMS, data entry, email, chat & back office support

  • KPO Capable: performing high-level tasks including data mining, research & development, financial consulting

  • Dedicated Customer Care: 24/7 support across every time-zone, plus multilingual staff

  • Growth-Focused: giving small businesses the resources they need to compete against bigger rivals

  • Outbound Experience: providing sales and marketing services via SMS, email and data mining

  • Strong Values: Tiara strives to be reliable, affordable, effective & professional at all times

Our Non-Voice Team Is Fluent In All Things Business

Tiara’s Non Voice Process expertise speaks volumes. Our team consists of specialists in their field, whether it’s performing basic data entry services or complex data mining, serving your customers or providing Back Office Support to staff, we understand your business needs thoroughly.

Beyond BPO: Business Process Management With Data Entry Services

When it comes to BPO most companies offer the basics. Tiara Tech’s outsourcing solutions take into account your greater goals and challenges: competitor research to keep you ahead of your rivals, deep industry research and analysis to identify financial opportunities, and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services to tackle your most sophisticated problems. With Tiara, you’re not just outsourcing you’re business needs—you’re managing them.


BPO Services That Help You Grow

Digitize your data with Tiara Tech Solutions. Our BPO services help businesses go paperless, saving them money, reducing waste, increasing productivity, and giving them instant access to their most vital documents. We also fill forms and design textbooks for print.

The best way to beat the competition is to understand them. Tiara’s data scraping technology gives you incredible insight into a rival’s strengths, weaknesses, and business process, all of which you can use to your advantage.

Tiara Tech specializes in performing comprehensive research for any field or industry, from business and finance to education and marketing. We then take this info and analyze it for business use, whether it’s coming up with a social media strategy, investment opportunities, or using the information to produce a textbook for schools.

Tiara’s support staff is ready to lend your customers the help they need. Our professional team can answer any questions or speak on your behalf to clients. We’re also available 24/7, speak multiple languages, and span every time zone.

Increase your marketing reach and profit potential with Tiara’s SMS services. We send out both mass and targeted SMS communications to inform customers of upcoming products and services, or generate new leads and future sources of revenue.

Trust Tiara to manage your back office outsourcing needs. Our team can fill, file and digitize all your paperwork, handle any administrative or departmental duties such as record maintenance, and meet any other operational requirements. So if you lack the staff or resources, outsourcing HR to Tiara can free up your time—and money.

Our Blueprint for Better BPO

Tiara’s approach to BPO is simple: we treat your business like it was our own. We put in the same time, the same energy, the same skill and dedication we apply to our business everyday. Here’s how we’re the best BPO service provider:


  • Research
  • Every business has unique needs, and Tiara begins by identifying yours. We perform exhaustive research into every aspect of your company, analyzing which processes can be improved, added or outsourced. This way, you get exactly what you paid for and never a cent more.


  • Plan
  • Tiara then creates a detailed and flexible action plan, outlining our BPO process and the services to be rendered. Our plan takes into account such critical factors as deadlines, budgets, communication methods, language requirements, and everything else you need to successfully outsource your business.


  • Execute
  • Finally, Tiara puts its plan into action. Our business process outsourcing team remotely manages your operations and assists your in-house staff, providing essential non-voice services, customer care, and technical support. As a proven leader in the BPO industry, your business can rest easy knowing Tiara is there for you 24/7.

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