Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The key element for success in marketing world

The word “Social Media Marketing” has intruded into that rare stratosphere of recognition and fame. People now bow to the potentiality of social media in this present age of modernization, advancement and steady development.

Many people are aware of the term- ‘Social Media’ and ‘Social Media Marketing’ but a very few realize its true meaning and potential.

If you are new to the concept of social media marketing, you may believe that using internet marketing tools for generating a good number of likes and followers, regular status updates and some blog posts will help you magically enhance your business. But, the actual truth is that- all this stuff requires real dedication and planning. Serious marketers online very well know that to get the best out of social media; you have to incorporate a suitable social media marketing strategy including a deliberate blend of- listening to the audiences and using relevant content marketing.

So, what is this content marketing?

Content marketing is a sort of marketing which is focused on generating, publishing and distributing content for online targeted audience. Many business houses use this marketing to

  • Generate leads and attract attention of the users.
  • Enhance online sales
  • Expand base of their customers
  • Engage online users community
  • Enhance the brand credibility or awareness.

An effective social media marketing strategy originates from a solid strategy of content marketing. Great content helps in sharing which in turn widens your base of audiences to a new world of customers and potential fans.

Now coming back to the social media marketing, Marketing has bigger parameters now, and thus several business owners spend a lot of money in promoting their products and services with the help of a number of internet marketing tools. In the past, most sellers opted for a shortcut method to tap their customers. They stuffed keywords on their website to improve its visibility in a search engine’s search result. They aimed at getting their website to appear at the top of the search result list to ensure more visitors. However, Google tracked the sites which participated in link scheming, unnatural linking and keyword stuffing and hence, those sites got removed from the search results.

Now, what should be the ideal solution?

Many online business owners have now realized that such short cut methods have short-termed benefits. Hence, instead of opting for these methods, you focus on customer satisfaction, good branding and try to reach out to the maximum number of customers using a correct strategy And the best way to tap customers is to use a medium that is most popular among people of all age groups such as using trending social media platforms.

Obviously, what could have been better than the social media?

There are thousands of websites that would meet the criteria for social media marketing. SMM basically means building an online selling relationship, based on developing understanding with customers. Social media services make use of innovative ideas with the use of contemporary online technologies to achieve the recognizable marketing and communication goals.

Social media marketing is a new and inventive technique. Many website owners have now begun to concentrate on SMO, that is, Social Media Optimization. The idea is to use various trending social media platforms to increase awareness of their products and services. This process includes using RSS feeds, social media sites, video & blogging sites, social news & bookmarking sites etc.

Social Media Optimization has an array of advantages because of which various search engines are using it to be the primary tool to fetch results. Amongst the major significant advantages of SMO is that it is a great method to influence the rankings of websites, using this strategy. Also with the help of location based SMO, the demand for increasing personalized searches can also be met.

Social Media Marketing has become an important part of SEO. Various search engines are making it a benchmark to rank pages in their search engine results.

According to a report, many marketers are making use of social media marketing for their business, but are not aware on which internet marketing tools will bring out the best results.

To solve the purpose, let us see various types of social media marketing that can benefit the buyer as well as seller:

  • Sharing social content:

This facilitates commenting and posting of photos, videos, texts and audio. Some examples include blogs like WordPress, blogger and Tumblr. Video services can be assembled here such as Vimeo and YouTube. Snapchat, Instagram and Flickr allow you to share photos and live videos.

  • Social networking service:

It offers several functions from a business point of view. Many social networking holds subgroups that allow the latent for more embattled marketing. Some common types of social networking include Facebook, and Google +. There are other short messages social networks like Plurk and twitter which are often used for sharing some announcements, sales, events, promotions and notices. Some professional networks include LinkedIn where small profession networks mainly focus on experience, employment and jobs.

  • Social meeting and geolocation services:

Get people together in real space rather than in cyberspace. Some examples are Meetup and Foursquare.

  • Review sites:

Like Yelp, Epinions and solicit consumer views

  • Community building service:

These include message boards, forums which include Google and yahoo groups. Some other examples of community sharing have multiple features like Ning; some supply group sourced like Wikipedia.

  • Social discussion and community sites:

Swap traditional forums, discussion, and community sites are one of the most popular and contemporary web platforms. Such social media platforms are never ending internet thirst for all questions and answers. Marketers have an incentive to have an existence on sites like Quora, Reddit and Yahoo! Answers..

Whether you are a lone entrepreneur or running a giant business, making use of an apt social media marketing strategy, your business can be exponentially enhanced and will get to constantly evolve over time. It is without doubt the key to surviving in this advancing competitive world.