Web Development Services

Tiara Tech Solutions as a web development company excels in every aspect of web design and  web development services. Here are just some of our specialties:

Graphic Design (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign & more)
Video Creation/Editing (Adobe After Effects, Flash, Maya & 3D Video)
Advanced Programming Languages (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Python, SQL & more)
Dynamic Web Development (WordPress, Bootstrap, Joomla, Drupal & more)

Web Development Services That Transform
The e-Commerce Experience

Just as a beautiful sign or display can pull pedestrians off the street into a brick and mortar store, a gorgeous eCommerce website can attract hordes of online shoppers to your business.

Tiara specializes in eCommerce website development that convert browsers into buyers. We offer full web development services for both open-source and proprietary platforms, from Shopify and BigCommerce to Prestashop.

While other companies rely on basic templates, Tiara as a web development company customizes your online storefront to show off your unique brand, utilizing personalized designs, colours and images so your products shine. We also manage your e-Business to be faster and more efficient, organizing your product descriptions and customers into groups, minimizing shopping cart abandonment with push notifications, and increasing sales with coupons and discounts.

Tiara Tech isn’t just a web design company it can also assist with your marketing needs. We optimize your storefront to be SEO-friendly, create ads for upcoming products, and integrate your e-Commerce business with all your social media accounts, further increasing your online presence and generating new leads.

The Tiara Tech


Tiara Tech employs the best artists and engineers to build websites with a single purpose: to grow your company. Our websites are beautiful, secure, functional, responsive, and prioritize customer experience above all else—and we do it at a price you can afford.

Here’s why Tiara is your best choice for website design & website development:

  • Dedicated team of artists, developers & testers

  • Fast, professional & affordable services

  • Beautiful, responsive & mobile-friendly designs

  • Increased customer engagement with immersive HD/3D Videos

  • Rigorously tested to ensure glitch-free browsing experience

  • Strong tech support improves up-time & customer satisfaction

Our Formula For Success

We don’t like wasting our client’s time or money. That’s why Tiara has come up with a perfect system for delivering websites that are on time and on budget—but without compromising on quality. Here’s how we create your dream website:


  • Plan
  • Tiara first sits down with clients to create a detailed action plan, defining your goals, technology requirements, timeline, budget, and several other factors. We then use these critical insights as a blueprint during development.


  • Develop
  • Next our team of professional designers and developers begin building your website, endlessly evaluating, refining and tweaking it. Only after repeated iterations and passing our stringent quality control standards, will your website be ready for launch.


  • Promote
  • Our marketing, social media and consulting experts work closely with your in-house team, making sure that your website gets the attention it deserves post-launch. We also provide network support, giving businesses the ability to scale on-demand in case of sudden fluctuations in web traffic.

Smarter Web Development Services

As an IT and web agency rolled into one, Tiara covers the full spectrum of web development services including web design, development, marketing, networking, and maintenance services. We help your business increase sales by creating better apps and websites, as well as providing the IT support needed to keep everything running smoothly.

Web Design & Development

Tiara specializes in building websites that combine functionality with aesthetics, speed with power, and security with scalability. Our designers visually shape and empower your brand while our developers add amazing features that customers love, from company blogs and Twitter feeds to responsive designs that work smoothly on all mobile devices.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows—Tiara can create highly-responsive websites that work across all operating systems, smartphones and tablets. Our websites are mobile-friendly but pack all the power and features of their desktop versions. We don't like to limit our customers, so why should you?

SEO Optimization

What's the point of having a beautiful website if no one sees it? All our websites follow SEO best-practices, including proper page structures, load speeds, XML sitemaps, and meta descriptions. We also boost your online visibility with highly-targeted SEO content, making sure you not only attract more customers, but the right ones.

IOT Applications

Tiara links the digital world with the physical. We are a leader in IOT, creating advanced web and mobile applications that connect and communicate with real-world products. By connecting your data to devices, we vastly increase customer engagement, creating new ways of interacting with and experiencing the world.

E-Commerce Development

Our eCommerce expertise spans all platforms and industries. Tech, retail, sports, toys, or fashion, Tiara can custom-build an online storefront which sends customers into a shopping frenzy. Push notifications, product updates, and customer management—our eCommerce team does it all.

Website Maintenance

Never lose money again because of website downtime. Trust the team at Tiara to provide quick and effective online support. Our staff can troubleshoot issues, perform security inspections, execute updates, optimize your website for speed and performance, and handle any questions or concerns you have.